Old Man

Abhijeet Pokhriyal
1 min readApr 20, 2018

I asked this old man
Looking at the fields
What do you see
He counted on his fingers
Places he always wanted to be in
I asked what stops him
For a second he paused, then
Replied that his son lives far away
So for rest of the family
He works hard through the day
As i waited for the words to sink in
He smiled
As if saying "what do you know city dweller,
About our lives"
He then offered me water
And a piece of advice
"Dont live your entire life waiting
For these short moments of respite"
How much does he earn i thought
Because all We know is money counts
Life beyond transactions eludes us
Habit of buying happiness precludes us
From living a truly happy life
Look at this old man, happy despite his daily strife



Abhijeet Pokhriyal

School of Data Science @ University of North Carolina — Charlotte