Looking back , what i see…

Abhijeet Pokhriyal
2 min readNov 9, 2017


Even though we might wonder how we got here and feel that there is no clear answer but the reality is that if we are keen then looking back into the past can provide clear answers.we just have to look hard and that is the power of reminiscing. But the aspect of retrospecting that is more captivating is relishing the memories. The first problem when venturing into this adventure is its the vagueness. There are billions of moments and where do we begin.

And the solution lies in balancing the whole prospect we need to remember moments jubilant as well as remorseful, adventurous as well as hackneyed. So start wandering around.

Water — what does wanter remind you of

A place ? A thing ? A person ? Or all ?

Recall reminis relish

Whether it be a lake where you could see boats with red sails fluttering , or a waterfall with bleak channels falling lazily on the stones below as if bored of their vocation. Or it could be a person who drinks hot water daily first thing in the morning like a cigarette obsession. Or it could be a souvenir gifter to you that has this dense blue liquid substance that slowly creeps to the downard side when kept upside down.


The meadows of the mountains still wet-ish with the dew of yesternight

Or the dry burnt grass of the same meadow during hotter afternoons

Or the really short grass of the park in front of the house where you would play for hours even in summers

Or the lawns of the college where time would fly and one would be left wondering as to where did those days go

It was only yesterday

One can go on and on about all such things like trees , mountains , temples , sky, friends, family and with each try and recall some of those precious peals and believe in those again. Think how have things changed , how life moulds from one form to another and then yet another and only then will one realize that it was never about earning , it was about living and to those who say we still need to earn the living i can only say that if one decides to start living they will figure out earning from living. It is the same way where we decide to earn and the figure out how to live while earning. Its a conscious choice.



Abhijeet Pokhriyal

School of Data Science @ University of North Carolina — Charlotte