Eternal Truth

Abhijeet Pokhriyal
2 min readMay 23, 2020

Life. Living. Death

Is Time real ?

What if you knew what your life is going to lead to. You knew already what’s going to happen in the end. What your state would be in those final moments?

Would you stop being who you are?

Would that change your end state ? Or would it still be the same ?

Would the years or months or days in between matter ?

Would life be worth living ?

Would you still look forward to something?

Or would everything seem like labor for nothing, considering you already know what you are going to end up like.

Now the questions turn into, was that future state that you knew about , an estimate or an extrapolation based on your present state ? or was it something that we might call fate ? Or destiny ? “God’s Plan” ?

If there was a god’s plan then why would it be so uncertain ? What if you tried to end it right away ? Will you be able to ?

Different answers would reveal different perspectives. What if someone told you your date was bound to be a misadventure? Not because of “God’s plan” but because of you.

Because you failed at something. And you know what that makes you ?

Human. That’s right.

Human with so many complex behaviors, so many different circumstances, variables. A combinatorial explosion, that not even super computers can compute or handle, how would a bare human bare all this.

Time, if there is something like time, at least makes us feel that we have the chance to write our future self. If not, then maybe we can enjoy the journey to that end state. What if we knew the journey is going to be unpleasant ?

Would you tread that path ? Well then my friend you would be that old man talking to your own young self, after having realized that life is a joke. Because if you think about it, it’s not about the end state. End state is always known.

It’s death.

You can’t paint a gloomier picture perhaps but that’s the eternal truth. Your old self knows that maybe, just maybe you were being too hard on your self.

Maybe you were being ignorant of the fact that life is very finite. FINITE.

No matter the legacy you create, it’s not for you to relish.



Abhijeet Pokhriyal

School of Data Science @ University of North Carolina — Charlotte